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Member-owned since 1945, Pine Forest Country Club provides an atmosphere of enjoyment and a home away from home to our members. We invite you to experience the tradition and enjoy an exciting preview of all that Pine Forest has to offer!
For more information about our private club and to book your tour, please contact Tami Gilbert, Director of Membership, Sales & Marketing through: 281-815-8500 or [email protected].

Membership Categories

Membership privileges include the use of all facilities: golf, swimming, tennis, dining, and fitness for the Member and his/her immediate family. Regular Members purchase a share of Stock upon becoming a Member. As such, they are the only class of Members entitled to participate in managing the ownership of the Club, including the right to vote, to hold office as a Director or Officer, and to share in the proceeds in the event of the dissolution of the Club.
Memberships in this category are purchased by a company or corporation for use by its employees. Such memberships entitle the corporation to designate a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of ten (10) employees as Members. The corporation can transfer memberships within the company for a transfer fee, the cost of which is set by the Board of Directors. Corporate Members are not stockholders of the Club. Membership privileges include the use of all facilities for the Member and his/her family.
Young Executive Memberships are available to individuals who have attained the age of 21 but are not yet 40. Young Executive Members and their families are entitled to all the privileges of the Club. When the Young Executive Member reaches 40, he/she must convert to a Regular Membership. Young Executive Members are not stockholder members of the Club.
Associate memberships are available for individuals interested primarily in tennis, swimming, social events, or the fitness center. Such memberships enjoy all privileges afforded by the Club with the exception of the use of the golf facilities. Like Young Executive and Corporate Memberships, Associate Members are not stockholders in the Club.

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